Resit Examination for the final exam will be in 30.12.2017 at 14:00 in Studio M1. The name of the students who can enter the exam are;

201518010 Hilal Arslan

201518023 Gülüstan Coşkun

201518025 Mustafa Çoban

201518036 Gizem Kaynakçı

201518501 Asal Marandi

201518043 Sabiha Okur

201518051 Gizem Sertkaya

201518052 Ezgi Seven

201518053 Ä°rem Sever

201518059 Ahmet Uysal 

201618655 Bensu Nar (KHK)

201618657 Mehmet Toma (KHK)


for further information:

15.12.2016.... Make up exam for the first mid-term will be in 17.12.2016 at 14:00 in Studio M1.




Assist. Prof. Dr. Mustafa ÖNGE, Assist. Prof. Dr. Zeynep UYSAL, Res. Asst. Nur ÖZKAN, Res. Asst. Başak KALFA




Course Description 

This course involves exercises to develop perception, communication, and visual concepts in architecture by using drawing media. ARCH 131 concentrates on specific themes, such as visualization of three dimensionality, drawing to scale, proficiency in drawing, manipulation of drafting techniques, and basic skills of graphic expressions. The drawing equipment, materials and techniques are introduced to students via this course. 


Classwork_____________________ %20

Homework_____________________ %15



General Rules

  • Attendance is important! You should attend all the courses (at least %80 of the total schedule) according to the regulations of our university. 
  • Be in studio on time, do not be late! The late comers will not be given information about the subject, as this will affect the lesson schedule. If you are late, less than 15 min, take permission from your instructor for attending the lesson. 
  • Submit your homework on time! Late submissons will not be accepted. In such cases the grade taken from that homework will be accepted as "0". 
  • Bring proper equipment for the lesson! Make proper use of time! Do not waste time by wandering around, smoking or similar actions. When the assignment is given, immediately prepare your equipment and start drawing. 



Technical drawing equipment list can be downloaded from here.